Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blog Award and Question thingy

Hi all
I received a lovely award from Lizzy a few days ago but as I have been away, I have only just got round to putting it on my blog. Thanks Lizzy and sorry for only just putting it on :-)

1) Thank & Link back to the person(s) who gave the award to you

2) Display the award on your blog

3) Tell 6 lies & 1 truth ( or vice versa) about yourself

4) Nominate 7 other people

So here goes ...... I ahve decided to do 6 truths and 1 lie and see if anyone can guess the lie, lol
1) I hate chocolate
2) I am tee total
3) I still have a comfort blanket
4) I don't like ice cream
5 ) My DVD collection contains mostly cartoons
6 ) I hate cats
7 ) I am addicted to diet coke
It will be interesting to see who can guess the lie. I bet that not many people guess correctly, lol.
I will do as I am told and pass this on to 7 people
Diana (Moshie Designs)
Little K Smith
Tasha ( Millies Magical moments)
Sarah Wright

1 comment:

Kaz said...

Hi Tasha
Is that little old me I see in your nomination list? Well I think your lie is that hmmmmmm...... I'm gonna go for 6) hate cats.
I can't believe that one!
Have a fab weekend.
Kaz xx